4C Presents at National Dialogue and Deliberation Conference

4C Campus Community Civic Collaborative Director Lori Britt and graduate students Katie Lese and Leanna Smithberger recently presented on a panel Teaching Next Generation Democracy: High School, College, and Beyond at the National Coalition on Dialogue and Deliberation conference in Reston, Virginia. Over 400 practitioners, scholars and advocates for dialogue and deliberative democracy attended the conference.

Lese and Smithberger have been part of the 4C program since taking Britt’s Facilitating Community Engagement class as undergraduates and have facilitated community forums on guns and safety, marriage and the state, student/community relations, and more.

Their presentation was focused on the opportunities and challenges involved in training students to facilitate public dialogue and engaging them as facilitators for community issues. They were joined on the panel by faculty and students from Wesleyan University and from the Interactivity Foundation and the Close-Up Foundation, community organizations that prepare students as engaged citizens.

The panel discussion was captured in real-time by a graphic recorder who illustrated the themes of the panel.

2014-10-18 13.29.41


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